The Centre for Emergence

Masters of Architecture
Studio IV - M1 Comprehensive Studio
In Collaboration with Ethan Rozendaal
Winter 2023
The Centre for Emergence is a place to change the future by changing the mind. It is a design scenario that explores the intersection of experiential art, consciousness and neuroaesthetic research, and contemplative practice to foster individual and cultural actualization.

Inspired by the neo-futurism movement, the concept considers how to actualize the dynamic engagement of healing, self-actualization, and culture formation through the aesthetic experience as a response to the social and environmental context of the site.

Light, space and time are key elements used to create an immersive spatial experience, positioning the architecture to become a mediator between the individual’s mind, body and spirit by playing with perception. Because, revealing how you see yourself and the world around you can create an opportunity to change that relationship.